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Quarter liquor bottles will be charged a deposit as to save the environment.

The Ministry of Environment has decided to charge a deposit of between Rs.5-10 for 185ml or quarter bottles of liquor. The Ministry further said in statement that customers will be required to pay the deposit at the time of purchase. This decision is to minimize the environmental damage cause by the improper diposal of these liquor bottles.

This has been decided that the charge for the refundable deposit for liquor bottles must be and amount that encourages consumers to seek the refund by returning the bottle.

The Environmental Ministry said, at present the annual production is about 120 million bottles with 18-20 million bottles used for arrack, and about 60 percent are proven to be non-recyclable.

Furthermore, The Ministry has warned that if breweries do not comply with the decision on a deposit payment, action will be taken to disallow the quarter bottles in time.

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