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Opposition faction claim polls would make Sri Lanka poorer

The Provincial Council Election is to cost the state Rs. 4000 Million or Rs. 04 Billion, and calling for elections at this time has drawn criticism from multiple factions.

Former JVP Provincial Councilor Wasantha Samarasinghe said that the government is trying to use Provincial Council as a tool to measure its popularity.

He slammed the government for decrease taxes to benefit corporations that earn profits in the billions and for attempting to spend over Rs. 06 Billion in elections, while claiming they don’t have the funds to purchase the vaccine to fight with COVID-19.

Samarasinghe appealed for the government to use the election funds to procure the cure for the people, and if an election takes place, the situation would get worse.

Minister of Lands S. M. Chandrasena said Provincial Councils are termed as white-elephants when individuals who cannot perform are appointed to those bodies.

Anunayake of the Malwathu Chapter, the Most Venerable Dimbul Kumbure Sri Wimaladharma Thero termed provincial councils as white-elephants adding the funds are wasted by those appointed to such bodies.

The Most Venerable Thero said calling for elections would make the country even poorer and stressed the central government is capable of meeting the needs at the provincial level as well; media has reported.

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