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Beware gazette on new health guidelines out today or tomorrow

Minister of Health Pavithra Wanniarachchi said yesterday that the health authorities would issue a gazette, today, or tomorrow, announcing new anti-COVID-19 guidelines.

Once the gazette was issued the courts of law would be able to punish those who violated quarantine rules, she said.

“The government is taking various steps to protect the people.

When the Director General of health declares that a particular area is affected by COVID-19, people should abide by the health guidelines. When this gazette is issued, those who disregard our instructions can be prosecuted.”

Wanniarachchi said that those who did not wear masks, did not maintain physical distancing and institutions that did not conduct tempetrature checks could be punished following the issuance of the gazette. “Those who are found guilty will be either fined Rs. 10,000 or sentenced to a jail term not exceeding six months or both,” she said.

The Ministry issued these guidelines months ago but failed to gazette them giving them legal status.

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