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A woman born to a Muslim father and a Buddhist mother decides on appeal that she is not a Muslim

The Court of Appeal has decided to name a Malaysian woman who was born to a Muslim man and a Buddhist woman as a non-Muslim woman after a 5 year long trial.

The decision was announced by a majority of nine judges.

As part of the ruling, seven judges ruled that the court would grant all the court orders requested by Ms. Roslisa.

Accordingly, she stated that she was illegitimate, that the late Buddhist woman, Yap Ah Mooi, was her mother, that she was not a convert to Islam, that all Selangor state laws for Muslims did not apply to her, and that the Selangor Sharia courts had no jurisdiction to take action against her.

The court ruled that the father was not subject to the definition of “parent.”

Interpretation of “Muslim” in Article 2 (b) of the Selangor Province Administration (2003) Under Article 2 (b), a person who is a parent with both parents is considered a Muslim at birth. ” These rulings are in accordance with the provisions”.

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